Crystal Space Monopoly (CSMonopoly)

CSMonopoly is a 3D-monopoly game being developed using the python bindings of Crystal Space. The sourceforge webpage of this project can be found here. The wiki of this project can be found here. The forum of this project can be found here.

This game is a non-traditional monopoly game based on the 4th installment of a commercial game series called Richman. Richman was developed by Softstar, a Taiwanese company that develops games mostly for the Chinese speaking gamers.

CSMonopoly is a totally free and non-commercial. It's currently in pre-alpha development phase. In other words, I'm the only one writing it and I'm still trying to work out how to use crystal space. The project is now open for participation. I'm specifically looking for the following types of people:

However, any form of help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a screenshot of the map editor:

Map editor screen shot

Here are some screen shots of the game:

Screenshot with IOS camera

Free camera shot

The screenshots look rather crap because the map is almost totally barebone and the buildings are just filler objects.


Here are some useful links for developers and gamers:

  1. Installation Guide for Required Software
  2. Building Modelling Guide
  3. Character Modelling Guide
  4. Props Modelling Guide
  5. Map Edior Guide